Katie M. Johnson | Art Producer

Katie M. Johnson | Art Producer

Katie M. Johnson

Art Producer, Brooklyn, NY

Raised in Erie, Pa. Learned to swim. Educated in Ohio. Made some friends. Planted roots in New York City. Lived a dream. Currently working for BBDO NY. Doing all sorts of awesome.

Past and Present Client List
Accenture, ADC, AT&T, Belvedere, Birds Eye, Campbell’s, Crest, Cooper Hewitt, Cooper Vision, Eukanuba, Exxon Mobil 1, Folgers, General Mills, Head & Shoulders, Iams, Jameson, Johnson & Johnson, Miller Genuine Draft, Olay, Ortho Tri-Cyclin Lo, Pampers, Pedigree, Planters, Starwood Hotels, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, Venus, Visa, Wells Fargo

Aaron Dyer, Alex Farnum, Anita Calero, Chris Stanford, Clang, Clint Davis, Craig Cutler, Beth Galton, Christian Weber, Dan Burn-Forti, Daniel Lindh, Day19, Dimitri Daniloff, Doi Koichiro, Dylan Coulter, Erez Sabag, Eric Maillet, Emily Shur, Franck Mathiery, Gary Land, Jake Chessum, James Houston, Jason Nocito, Jill Greenberg, Justin Carrasquillo, Keena, Koichiro Doi, Kurt Iswarienko, Marcus Nilsson, Mario Godlewski, Matt Hoyle, Matt
Salacuse, Mei Tao, Mitchell Feinberg, Pascal Aulagner, Patric Shaw, Philippe Salomon, Peter Schafrick, Peter Sutherland, Randal Ford, Rankin, Reinhard Hunger, Richard Pierce, Russ & Reyn, Shu Akashi, Stephane Coutelle, Steve Peixotto, Tim Flach, Thomas Hannich, Ty Cole, Walter Chin, Vincent Laforet, Zachary Scott, Zen Sekizawa

Illustrators | CG | Graphics | Fine Art
Big Shot Toys, Cate Parr, Catarina Bessell, Coherent Images, Darius Maghen, David Foldvari, Eiko Ojala, Graphic Therapy, Gregory Manchess, Happy Finish, Jay Fisher, Jon Contino, Jordan Bruner, Kelsy Dake, LSD, Manic NYC, Mark Wagner, Martin Hsu, Mike Perry, Offspring, Pure, Ronald Kurniawan, Saddington Baynes, The Scope, Simon Danaher, Sonny Gerasimowicz, Taylor James, Toby & Pete, Vi Luong, Will Holmes, Yulia Brodskaya

Laika House

Media Monks, Stink Digital

Singing Serpents

Sound Design
Heard City

Old chairs, unexpected inspirations, getting lost and eating pizza.

References and resume supplied upon request